Frequently Asked Questions

Before we got started with this alternative lifestyle, we had tons of questions and it was extremely hard to figure it all out! That’s why we’ve created a list of the most common questions we’ve received from our viewers.  

SV Hakuna is a 2008 Lagoon 420.  You can learn more about our sailboat here.

We purchased Hakuna for $295,000.  You can find the details of our purchase on our guide for sailboat buyers.

Our videos are usually 2 to 4 weeks behind since it takes us some time to record and edit.  The best way to stay up to date with our current location is by becoming a Patreon or by following us on Instagram or Facebook.

Yes! We didn’t have the money to purchase a $300,000 sailboat but we still wanted to make our dream happen so financing was the way to go.  On our guide for sailboat buyers you can find a list of the financing companies we contacted and ended up working with.

We went to American Sailing Academy in Key Largo – (305) 587-3205.  Not only was the course cheaper but also personalized!

Finding insurance when you’re an inexperienced operator is HARD!  We started with a specialty program from Progressive while we gained experience but had to move since they didn’t cover us in the Bahamas.  Now we’re with Atlantic Specialty Insurance.  On our guide for sailboat buyers we share with you all the quotes that we’ve received for the annual policy of our sailboat as well as some points of contact. 

Many of our viewers think we live off our YouTube channel but the truth is that Living Hakuna is just a hobby for us.  We have an online business, which allows us to travel and work remotely.  We started MOKAI in 2016, when we left our corporate jobs. 

We’re planning on heading back to the Bahamas and continue sailing South through the Caribbean. The countries or island we visit will depend on the travel restrictions due to Covid-19 but our goal is to make it to Colombia or Guatemala next year.

J U S T   D O  I T. 

The time will never be perfect and the situation will never be ideal… So sometimes you just have to risk it and hope that everything will work out.  Believe in yourself and in your skills!  

On our guide for sailboat buyers we share everything about our experience, and not just the boats that we looked at but also the thought process, the mental battles and the struggles that we had to overcome to make the dream happen. 


We have 1,800 watts of solar power on Hakuna.  Here are all the details of our sailboat.

We take our dogs go to land twice a day (morning and night), during the day they go to their bathroom, which is an artificial patch of grass. Learn more about our dogs’ life onboard in this video.

At this time we’re not looking for crew members but if we ever we plan on having crew onboard our Patreons will be the first ones to find out!  We also don’t plan on doing any charters for now.

Not at all.  In fact I (Andrea) had never been on sailboat before and Alejo was five years old the last time he had been onboard one.  We had never operated a boat or owned one before so this was all new to us… But we still decided to buy one so what did we do?  We took a sailing course just one week before the handover of the boat.


All our gear is posted here, along with our favorite brands and products. 

Our online business gave us the freedom to live where we want and how we want.  But having a profitable online business is not as easy as many think, it requires a lot of learning, work and dedication.  For us, the best and most complete course to help you start your online business and brand is this one from Amazing!   You can also access their webinar, where you can get a lot of free information that we hope gives you value for this upcoming venture.  

Hopefully, we were able to answer all your questions here but if we still didn’t just send us an e-mail to hello(at)

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