Our Story

Hi there!  We’re Alejo and Andrea, and we’re so excited to have this little space to share our story with you.

In 2016, just four months after getting married and buying our regular (brick and mortar) house, we decided to leave our full-time 9 – 5 jobs.  The ‘traditional’ life simply wasn’t what we expected it would be.  Back then we thought we were doing everything correctly; we went to college, got good jobs with health and retirement benefits, bought a house and had cars… It almost seemed like the perfect life.  The only problem was that we didn’t have what we desired the most, TIME.  Time to be together.  Time to be with our dogs.  Time to do what we love.  Time to simply be happy. 

So you just left your jobs?

It almost seemed liked we were robots working to pay for a house and cars.  We would barely see each other because we had completely opposite schedules and it just wasn’t what we had signed up for when we got married.

I (Andrea) couldn’t take the monotony anymore.  I couldn’t get used to a life without meaning or purpose.  I simply couldn’t keep doing something that didn’t fulfill me every single day so I told Alejo that we needed to quit our jobs and find another plan, such as starting our own company.  He told me to quit my job and he would keep working at the end of the day, we still had to pay for our mortgage, cars, gas, food, etc… But that wasn’t an option for me, he had the toughest schedule so I would still have a hard time seeing him.  

That’s when we decided to change everything.  We went on our honeymoon and spent the entire two weeks listening to podcasts, planning our future and putting together a business plan.  By the time we had both left our jobs, we had already rented the two empty rooms in our house, sold one of our cars, stopped eating outside, cut almost 50% of our expenses and processed our first order with a manufacturer in order to start our e-commerce business.  

Mhm... Digital Nomads and Kitesurfers? Nice Combo!

 We had managed to stabilize our expenses and our income with a side (remote) job with my parents that lasted two months.  And after four months, our hard work and persistence had paid off, we were officially digital nomads and could literally work from anywhere so in May of 2017, we asked our tenants to find another place because we were taking off to Cabarete, Dominican Republic to learn how to kitesurf.  

We rented our house through AirBnb and our car for three months, packed two suitcases and and left with our dogs without knowing what to expect.  It was shocking at first since a small town in DR was certainly different from downtown Miami but in two weeks we had already gotten the hang of things; we had rented a house, purchased a USD $200 motorcycle and started our kiteboarding classes.  We learned to work around the wind schedule and our business was slowly thriving.  In a year, I had traded make-up for sunblock and heels for flip flops.  Funny enough, by the time we had to leave, we didn’t want to go back and upon arriving to Florida, I cried multiple times!  Not only did I miss the wind to kitesurf everyday but I missed not moving around in a car. I missed the simplicity of life.  I missed not having too many clothes. I just missed everything.


You're Saying You'd Rather Live Simple in A Tiny House?

Chasing the wind and living in simplicity was everything we wanted, it just had to be our daily life.  So in an attempt to chase the wind around North America we decided to purchase an old travel trailer and covert it into a beautiful, off-grid, tiny house.  We worked on it for three months, sold about six boxes worth of clothes and pretty much everything we used to have in the (brick and mortar) house, rented the house and finally hit the road in the beginning of  2018.  We had everything we needed!  A comfortable bed, a beautiful kitchen, solar energy and most importantly a windy beach in front of us to kitesurf for hours everyday.  We travelled Baja California, the Pacific coast and the southern states of the U.S. and we had the most incredible time!  But even though we loved traveling, our biggest passion was kiting and we simply had to keep chasing the wind. 


Wow! A Sailboat is a Bit of An Upgrade!

 Alejo started having this crazy idea about living in a catamaran and chasing the wind in it, truthfully, I didn’t pay much attention to him, specially since we didn’t even know how to sail.  Plus, it just seemed way out of our league, like something only millionaires do and we had not won the lottery, retired or anything similar to that.  We were just two digital nomads with a desire to get the most out of life.   But a dream can go a long way if you just believe and Alejo knew that so he started showing me some sailing YouTube channels that motivated me to look into this crazy idea and all of a sudden it turned into our goal.  Just like with other goals we’d had in the past, we became kind of ‘obsessed’ and worked our butts off!  Until we finally accomplished it… And here we are.

Cool Story But How'd You Guys Even Meet?

It’s a funny story because we actually lived in the same street for years, my sister and Alejo’s brother were really good friends and one of my best friends had been dating his best friend for years BUT WE NEVER MET until 6 or 7 years later at a random house party through friends we had in common.  Alejo was 19 and I was 18 when we met, we’ve been together for 8 years now…

Did You Always Share That Love for Adventure?

We’ve always loved traveling!  Our first trip together was only four months after we started dating, I had the graduation trip of the school that I went to in Colombia, they were going to Cancun, MX and since I didn’t want to go by myself, Alejo went with me.  We had so much fun together that we decided that we would spend all our money on trips so in the first few years, we traveled together to NYC, Jamaica, UVI and Colombia.  And in 2013, we went together as ‘exchange students’ to France and lived there for 6 months.  We visited the United Arab Emirates and we then traveled to Ireland, were we purchased an 1988 Austin Mini and did a long road-trip through Europe. We visited Spain, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Morocco, Montenegro, Albania, Croacia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Austria.  Since our Euro-trip, we’ve also visited China, Hong Kong, Maldives and Sri Lanka.

Do You See Your Adventures Ending At Some Point?

We’re not in a vacation, this is our lifestyle so we don’t see an end.  We figured out how to make money while traveling and as long as we have a meal everyday, we will continue doing what makes us happy.  A lot of people say we should enjoy while we’re young and don’t have any kids, we say we’ve been carrying these big, hairy dogs everywhere, we’re pretty sure we can handle a few kids when the time comes.  For now, we will continue to live life to the fullest by ourselves.

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