Our Sailboat

Living on a sailboat was never in our plans and it wasn’t something we had been dreaming of for a long time but one day it just seemed to be everything we wanted and needed.  After leaving our jobs and taking on that nomadic lifestyle, we found ourselves renting houses in different places and even building one to help us carry our kiteboarding gear as we chased the wind.  After selling it (because we couldn’t take it down to South America) we realized that we missed taking our home with us everywhere and what better way to do it than by living on a sailboat. 

As we started researching and learning more about sailboats we started dreaming of the perfect boat for us.  One that was comfortable and had an open distribution for the dogs. One that was self-sufficient, just like our little tiny house and one that could take us to the most amazing kite spots anywhere in the world.  And that’s exactly what S/V Hakuna is for us.  It’s everything we wanted in our ‘house’ and ‘vehicle’… It’s simply our dream home.

Why Hakuna? 

We spent some time brainstorming for the perfect name.  The name had to be meaningful to us, something that reflected our life philosophy and our overall lifestyle.  And that’s were we thought about our childhood friends, Timon and Pumbaa, and they’re incredible phrase “Hakuna Matata.”   

Hakuna matata translates to “there are no troubles” in Swahli, a Bantu languange widely used as a lingua franca in East Africa.  The phrase was popularized in English in 1994 by the Disney movie “The Lion King,” where it’s translated as “no worries.” It has a connotation of not worrying about things outside a person’s control.

But here’s why it’s meaningful to us… First, let’s establish that we’re from the 90’s so we possibly played the movie one million times and sang the Hakuna matata song along with Timon and Pumbaa   e v e r y   s i n g l e   t i m e.   (Andrea) I’m 26 years old and I sang the song like I did when I was 5 when we watched the photorealistic film in theaters so… I don’t know what to tell ya, it’s just in me.   That being said, we feel that our lives revolve around this saying since our priority was always been to just be happy and live a life that is fulfilling to us without worrying too much.   Our life is certainly not free of problems or perfect since we also have differences as a couple, we’ve lost money and been thousands of dollars in debt but we manage to push through by having a positive attitude towards things and most importantly, focusing on the solution not the problem, and that’s what Hakuna Matata is all about.  Hence why we named our sailboat HAKUNA and our dinghy MATATA.


Let’s get into the specifics of S/V Hakuna

S/V Hakuna is a 2008 Lagoon 420 Sailing Catamaran, built in France.  She is a four-cabin, four head, charter version perfect for the four of us and exactly what we visualized when we were dreaming of finding the right boat to live and travel.  


  • Length – 41.33 ft
  • Beam – 24.58 ft
  • Draft – 4.16 ft
  • Sails – Main Sail, two Genoas and a Parasailor (not a spinnaker) 
  • Fresh Water – 212 gal
  • Fuel Capacity – 160 gal
  • 2 Inboard Diesel Engines – Yanmar 75 Horsepower
  • Solar Power – 1700 Watts
  • Generator – 4400 Watts
  • Lithium Batteries – 800 Ah
  • Aquatec Watermaker – 135 Liters/h
  • Air Conditioners – 16,000 BTU A/C’s and two 10,000 BTU A/C’s


How Much Does a Boat Like That Cost?

This is one of the questions we get asked most often, “How much did it cost?”

We purchased SV Hakuna for USD $295,000, we also had to pay for the cost of importing the vessel into the United States, which was another $6,000.  We obviously didn’t have that kind of money under our mattress so if you want to find out how we made our dream happen, check out The Ultimate Guide For Sailboat Buyers! We share everything we experience during the purchase of our sailboat, from financing companies to insurance. 


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